Real Espresso, it says here…

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August 3, 2012

Mitchell’s Golden Rule

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Good fiscal policy exists when the private sector grows faster than the public sector, while fiscal ruin is inevitable if government spending grows faster than the productive part of the economy.


May 20, 2011

Lenovo – What Would You Do?

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Update 6/16/2011:  Yesterday FedEx showed up at our door with a package which contained a check for the full amount of the price we paid for the Lenovo Laptop.  FINALLY, after more than SIX Months of frustrating communications and waiting, not being able to use the computer most of the time and not ever being able to rely on it, IT IS OVER.

Update 5/31/2011:  Emailed a pdf of the sales receipt to Lenovo Customer Service who has finally agreed to refund the cost of the laptop. I shall update this blog posting again when I receive reimbursement or at the next turn of this saga.

Original Post:

The saga began in early December 2010 and of this post, the Lenovo Ideapad G570 is dead! After almost six months we’ve NEVER been able to rely on the computer and only occasionally been able to use it. I’ve spent so many times on the phone with support that I’ve lost track. I’ve shipped the computer to them at my own expense. They’ve replaced every internal part except the hard drive and the processor. And today? IT’S DEAD! UNUSABLE! What would you do? If you’re interested, the milestone events are listed below.  (more…)

October 5, 2010

Real Espresso, It Says Here?

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So begins “Real Espresso, ‘It Says Here…’.”  OK, so what gives with Real Espresso?  Many moons ago, my wife and I decided to get into the coffee business.  We chose to ‘buy’ (more about being taken in a later rant) into an ongoing service rather than begin from scratch – big mistake in this case.  The name of our company was Real Espresso.  Have we ever gotten rid of the domain — no, of course not.

In looking for a name for this Blog, I began thinking about various names and thought Real Espresso appropriate from way too many angles.  People get together and talk over coffee – the thinking person’s drink.  It’s strong, and although not every opinion in this space will be thought of as a strong opinion, some certainly will be.  We have ‘real’ memories and feelings about our foray into the coffee marketplace.  Espresso is produced by forcing very hot water through coffee grounds with force to produce a strong brew.  We all know that is the way opinions are sometimes formed.   And so it goes — I settle on the name ‘Real Espresso’, writing how I think things really are, or need to be.

Now for the quote, “It Says Here”.  The illustration is from a newspaper column written in 1948 by C. O. Dupuy, Jr. who would turn out to be my Godfather.  He was, as the byline says, “Guest Columnist” because the column was my father’s, the senior Johnny Rials (I’m Jr.).  This column also announces my birth as it were.  Not a formal announcement, but to explain why it is that the column had a guest columnist.  This marks the first time I was mentioned in a newspaper, the beginning.  I hope with so much history I can live up to the ideals I perceive these two journalists had and be as true to the craft as they were. 

So I will tie my musings, rants, entertainment (if only for myself), and writing therapy to the history of these two events in my life.  And so begins “Real Espresso, ‘It Says Here…’.”